Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Patch Your Jeans with a Little Monster!

I say it all the time, dear Reader: my husband is - at heart - a little kid. He saw a picture somewhere of denim patched to look like a monster face, and he asked, "Will you fix my jeans like that?" A fly on the wall might have thought the 24-year-old was joking, but it's like I said: little kid :)

I used:
  • holey jeans
  • hem tape
  • iron
  • felt (red, white, black)
  • embroidery floss (white)/needle

1. Supplies.

2. A hole. Get a husband who climbs trees all the time, and you'll surely find plenty of these in the closet.

3. Trim the fraying off the hole to make it look nice. (And to make it look how you want your monster's mouth to look).

4. Cut out a patch: cut piece of felt a couple inches bigger than the hole all the way around. Outline the patch with hem tape.

5. Turn the jeans inside out, center the patch over the hole (hem tape down), and iron it on. I ironed for much longer than the package suggested - just go until it's stuck, checking often to be sure nothing's burning :)

6. Turn them right-side-out and be excited about the monster mouth you just made.

7. Use embroidery floss to give the patch extra support (and to make the monster cuter). Then cut and sew whatever kind of monster face you want!