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*a.b.daisy is about all things homey. It's about having a "home life." I'm a person who craves a strong, personal sense of home where I live. That includes everything from a comforting atmosphere to meaningful decor to sharing meals with friends and loved ones.

I blog a lot about food because I think food is a big part of a home life. Besides the fact that it shapes our bodies and nourishes our souls, it also brings people together. I love to make it, eat it, and make other people eat it. (Unfortunately I inherited from my mother that annoying "Oh please, are you sure I can't get you something to drink?" gene... Sorry. I love to be a hostess.)

I also like to blog about homemade and DIY projects, home design, and bits of my everyday life.

*a.b.daisy is a creative outlet for my domestic whims, but it's also my way of relishing in them by connecting with readers and other bloggers. (Let me just tell you, I've only got one roommate, and he doesn't quite appreciate clever design or good cooking.) I really enjoy sharing these things with the blogging community and hope I bring something valuable to the table.

Thanks for visiting!


My name is Alyssa. I grew up in small-town Illinois, where my heart grew fond of flat open fields and kind, generous people. Now I live in northern California with my husband, where I'm completely enamored of farmers' markets and beautiful landscapes.

In non-cyber world, I'm a classical singer. On stage I sing recital and opera repertoire (yes, opera is awesome - you should give it a try!), but in the shower I sing plenty of Joni Mitchell and Michael Jackson (and... everything). This fall I'll be studying classical voice at the San Francisco Conservatory. Until then, I'm a full-time nanny of 4-year-old twins and a 2-year-old, who are wonderfully challenging and always hilarious. It's a great job.

Besides the interests that are obvious on my blog, I'm a huge football fan, I really like lakes and camping and being outside, and I like talking about movies and music. I {secretly} want to open my own bakery and be an event planner. We'll see... :)

Nice to meet you!