Tuesday, May 21, 2013


It's spring! And I'm twitterpated. Over my husband.

For a visual definition of "twitterpation:" see this video:

When I'm with Nate, it's difficult to feel anything but happy. He's my guy.

He makes every day feel like Sunday.

And all week I've been singing this song ("Every Day Feels Like Sunday" by Of Montreal):

Yes, every day feels like Sunday, and I'm so grateful to have such a great friend and partner in life. One way Nate is really great for me is that he helps me realize things I do that lead to my own unhappiness. Lately I've been thinking a lot about personal betterment goals, hoping not only to identify them but also to articulate them clearly so that I can figure out how to go about achieving them. But the lens through which I see myself is a little muddled, not to mention biased, so that's been kind of difficult (as soul searching can sometimes be, you know... no big deal... :)).

Then the other day I came across this article: 22 Things Happy People Do Differently. There's no groundbreaking advice here and probably nothing you've never heard before. But I must've stumbled upon it at just the right time because it helped me clarify and articulate some of my own personal goals.

For me, the hardest items on this particular list are:
     6. Don't sweat the small stuff.
     8. Never make excuses.
    11. Avoid social comparison.
    13. Don't seek approval from others.
    15. Nurture social relationships.

Now the next step is to figure out some reasonable ways to work on these things. Anybody have any suggestions? :)

I hope you're having a great week, dear reader, and getting pumped up for the holiday weekend. Woohoo! It's going to be a little vacation for me: one day of loveliness and a fancy dinner followed by three days of hiking and camping in Big Sur. I'm sure I'll share some pictures next week :)


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