Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Burlap-Bound Advice Booklets

You’ve seen it before: “Write your advice to the bride and groom/new mom/birthday girl/[insert occasion here]!”  They’re especially great at showers and smaller settings, where people can really pour their hearts out (or, you know, at the right kind of shower, write wildly and wonderfully inappropriate things).
You see them at weddings, too, but they’re often very public (like writing on polaroid photos or scrapbook papers that are hung up to display at the reception).
I like the idea of making multiple smaller books: one for each table. That way, every guest is free to write as little or as much as he or she wants – and at any time. It’s so fun to read through them all – what a trip of laughter and tears! (Especially because the advice can get sloppier, wetter (literally), and, well, drunker as the night goes on!)
These are great because they’re all paper, so they stack and store easily for keeping. Plus, they’re simple and easy to make.

I used assorted ivory textured papers (I actually got it at Wal-Mart) for the inside pages, and printed cardstock (on sale from Hobby Lobby) for the covers.
Cut your pages to size, and cut the burlap trim however you like. Fold the burlap around the end of the book to be bound, and attach the grommets. Tie them up with twine or ribbon.
The keys are metal embellishments I found at Michael’s. Be sure to get the weekly 40% off coupon online before you go!
I stamped them all on the back with this teeny-tiny, darling little stamp.