Monday, April 29, 2013

InspireMeThrifty is MOVING! (and getting a makeover)

Hello you dearest, darlingest readers, you! It's a big announcement today, and you're the first to know!


And it's getting a new name: "a.b.daisy."

(I know. I'm sorry. I'm not supposed to go changing my blog like that, but of course things don't always go the way you've planned.)

New name. New look.

Same content. Pretty much.

You see, dear reader, when I started this blog, I had just graduated from college, gotten married, moved across country, and started a new job. That's a good bit of transitioning and adjusting to do. Though I had lots of plans for IMT, the blog took me in a completely different direction than I'd planned. For example, when I started the blog, I thought posting about food would be sort of an afterthought: I loved to bake but basically never cooked. But now that I live in sunny California where everything grows, with farmers' markets and beautiful fresh foods all around me, I LOVE cooking and posting about recipes. For another example, when I started the blog I was planning a handmade wedding, so I was thrifting and taking on repurposing projects like nobody's business. But now that I have a teeny apartment and no more weddings coming up, I haven't invested as much time in those kinds of projects. All things considered, "Inspire Me Thrifty" doesn't fit the bill like it used to.

Basically, I'll be posting about the same things, but the blog itself will be a little better suited for the content :)


I'll keep you updated, and you keep your eyes out for more news. Sound good? :)

Thanks for reading!